Chinese horoscope sign - The Tiger

According to the chinese astrology the Tigers are both colorful and unpredictable. Their energy and love for life is stimulanting. They love to be in focus and are seldom unseen. They are impatient and always looking for some action. When they are upset they speak their heart out.

Despite their temper they are loving and trustful. They also have a great amount of humour. They like people and willingly help anybody in need. The Tigers search for adventure and sometimes become a rebel. They can criticize weak points and shortages in society and often support protest actions. Even people who not agree with the Tigers opinion like their way to handle it. When the Tigers are upset or sad they want 100 % support and comfort from their nearest. Logic do not appeal to Tigers - they like to do things based on feelings. They listen very carefully to what you have to say, but they do what themselfes want. They never give up and can always do a restart.

People born during the Tigers year have a superego. Do not try to harm their feelings - they may probably never forgive you for that. They are romantic, passionated and joyful. They are also extremely jealousy and want to own their lover. If they not learn to control their feelings, they can have difficult problems. They love the life and want to live it fully. The Tigers find new objects to work with great optimism. They are very generous to you if you please them.

They are the good hosts and see to that you will be taken good care of. Tigers are intensive in their manner and they have ability to inspire others.

Lovematch - Suit well with: The Dragon is a excellent partner for the Tiger. Both hate of all kind of prisons and express their love in deeply passionated relationships. The elegant and often very beautiful Horse will have lots of joy together with the Tiger, and a masculine Horse will show great patience during the female Tiger's period of unsecurity.

The Pig likes to go out and have some fun now and them and the generous Tiger gladly pay the bill.
The usually restless and tense Dog are surprisingly relaxed with the female Tiger, but must not be too impressed of her talents.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: The Rat and the Tiger are both passionate, but they seldom succeed to have a lasting relationship. The female Tiger can see the male Rat as false when it really comes to the point.

Lovematch - Avoid: Two Tigers are not really a suitable pair, restless and changeable as they are. The Tigers biggest challange is the Ox as none of them have any understanding for each other's romantic needs. They are as far from each other as possible and should avoid each other.