Chinese horoscope sign - The Snake

The Snakes are romantic and charming. They are deep and mystic. They are gracious and speak softly. They love a good book and admire art very much. They love everything beautiful in life. Behind the Snake´s sofisticated surface conceals often someone very superstiousness.

When there is a need of money the Snakes always manage to find it someway. In spite of luck with money the Snakes never will gamble. They can have big losses, but luckily they learn fast. When they have made a mistake they do not repeat it. They do not forgive you if you break a promise. They are sceptical in their own mind but keep it inside. Snakes are privat and do not care of others life. Gossip is nothing for them.

The Snakes may tend to own in their relation to others. They are passionated lovers but very jealous. It is difficult to know how far the Snakes are ready to go to reach their goals. Their minds are always working on a intrique. If you have made the Snake annoyed you vill be met by icy coldness instead of angry words. They wait for time to revenge, so watch up!

The Snakes dress elegant, are well-mannered and always discreet. They behave tactful and it is not easy to see what happens under their surface. They hide their feelings well. Their actions are well planned since long time ago. A Snake can easily escape from you. Just when you believe you have him, he make an manouvre to get away. They become good politicians or diplomats as they are able to negotiate about all kind of tasks. They have also a great sense of humor. In tense situations they can relieve the atmosphere. They never loose their spirit, not even when they are in bad position. They always keep their clear thinking even during crisis or when being disadvantaged.

The Snakes have a wonderful skin. They have a classical coolness and an aura. They love expensive things. The Snakes rather save their money to buy the original than a copy. The Snakes admire power and are surrounded by successful people. Their many skills and genuine leadership make them wanted as a leader. People admire and support the Snakes even if they do not understand them entirely.

No matter what happens you will always notice a Snake. They know how to use the people and the situations which occur. They are fated to get success and fame.

Lovematch - Suit well with: The social Rabbit is the best marriage partner for the Snake. He is very domestic and discreet in all he does. He loves small gossip and to live an easy and quiet life. An excellent couple!

The artistic Goat can also count on a good social life together with the Snake, at least if the Goat are the male part.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: The reptiles Snakes and Dragon have many interests in common and they will have a good life together. However, a reservation; the Snakes must not cling on or let the feelings dash off. A Dragon does not bear to be indebted to anybody.

The elegant Horses find it easy to keep company with the Snake, and his special liking for romance will soon find approvement by the Snake. But as lovers they must now and then try to cooperate with each other. The Rat does not either say no to a passionate embrace, but he will fight strongly for his freedom.