Chinese horoscope sign - The Rooster

The Rooster is the most obstinate of all the Zodias´s animals. They are full of ideals and romantic dreams. They are colourful, attractive and often very proud of themselves.

The Rooster are well-arranged, precise and their sharp eyes see the fine details in lots of things. They are perfectionists and leave no room for human mistakes. A problem is only a challange for a Rooster. They like very much to start debates or controversies. The Rooster are eloquent and write well. They have a great general knowledge about all kind of things and they like to discuss. In case you challange them you have to be well prepared for a long debate. Even if the Rooster knows he is wrong he try to win. The Rooster have difficulties to admit they may be wrong.

The Rooster can be very straight and brutal. Their manners make them bad diplomats. They speak out without any consideration to others´ feelings. They dont understand that others could get upset since they are right! The Rooster are good at handle money. They can be very generous. In spite of this they keep their wallets tight - they want to keep both their own and your economy in order .

If you have a problem the Rooster rush out and help you, even if you do not want to. The Rooster are very exact in how to spend their time. If you think you get too little time with them, it probably means that they think you do not need any more time.

The Rooster are ambitious and all the time try to reach new heighs. They have a deep passion for their choice of profession and are very creative. They are competent and do their work well. When they have decided on something they do not leave any stone untouched. They do everything to make it work. The Rooster must learn that it sometimes takes long time - they are impatient.

Do never underestimate a Rooster. They do not change their opinion, even if the whole world would say that they are wrong. They are firm determinded to get their plans to work, and most often it work just therefore. Because of the Rooster many strong sides, and speciell way, they often reach great success.

Lovematch - Suit well with: The Dragon satisfy the Rooster most needs and they are a excellent couple together.

The careful Snake has a good hand with money, which the Rooster dont have, this can be a stabilizing factor in their marriage. The Rooster on the other hand are very brave when it is about to protect the Snake.

The Rooster can give attention and win the Horse. They will likely have a big and happy family and own a beautiful house. But the Rooster must not get too indulgent, since there is a risk that the Horse will leave.
A Rat who is married, relax and let humour and quickness flow free. The Rooster love to laugh and the chance therefore is that the marriage between the Rat and the Rooster may succeed, at least as long as the Rat have some more funny stories to tell. But the Rats must always renew themselves.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: The Tiger is both rebellious and romantic. Can he and the Rooster only find a mutual interest to fight for, they can have a lasting marriage.