Chinese horoscope sign - The rat

The rat is both charming and aggressive according to the chinese astrology. On the surface they appear the to be calm and collected but under the surafce thay are uncertain and nervous. They are hard working and know how to save in order to have something left.

The rat is never without admirers since he has a strong attraction. With a happy and light personality he creates a big circle of friends. The rat loves parties and other happenings with very lots of people. Rats like exclusive clubs and associations where they can socialize with equal people. They are extrovert and cares about others. Rats take good care about their love ones.

Rats really love money and can to do a lot in order to get them. To take money from a rat is a difficult task. He can´t say no to a sales offer. Despite this the rats is very generous against his close friends and family. They often buy things that they do not need, and collect everything they can.

Rats are definitively smart. The rat can put anyone he knows to work, with almost anything. Rats know how to hide their own secrets but has a special liking to find out others, in order to perhaps to win something. It is easy to see when a rat is upset. They become irritated and nervous.

Since it come naturally for a rat to know everything, they can become good authors. They have a good memory and an ability to formulate themselves well. Rats can become successful in most that they try to do. They adapt themselves well. They are at their best when it is crisis and they can solve big problem. Their intuition is big and they are always open for new possibilities. They have a built-in warning system so that they will not end up in difficulties. They usualy can to see if it is to risky for them.

One of the rat's biggest problems is that they try to do too much simultaneously. They often divide their energy and therefore nothing get done. But when they learned to complete what they have started to do nothing can interrupt their career. Rats must also watch up since they easily fall for offers and tempations. They easily get greedy and therefore can be fooled both once or twice.

Rats have big respect for her parents and learn his children this. They love their home. A family life is hugely important for them. Rats born in the evening or at the night often become more stressed. Rats learn a lot and early and they read a lot.

Lovematch - Fits good with: Two rats are the perfect pair when it comes to passionated love businesses, but the seductive dragon and the play full monkey is also appropriate partners to the firerly rat. The kind pig like romance falls quickly in the rat's charming arms.

Lovematch - Fits quite good with: The tiger is always looking for something new, especially what love and passion concerns. He happily initiates a relationship with a rat, but breaks it as soon as he have found a better partner.

Lovematch - Avoid: The strict and the correct rooster ignore the rat's shameless approchements, and for it the conceited horse is it totally equal if he get the rat or not.