Chinese horoscope sign - The pig

The pigs believe in themselves, are social, reliable and fantastic purposeful. Pigs love peace and calm. They hate to argument and tries to cool down both sides in a discussion in order to have some calm. In their lives, they create deep and life-long relationships.

According to the chinese astrology pigs like social events and parties. They always search for some fun. Facts is that the pigs must watch out so the partying does not take over in their lifes. They have a special liking for social responsibility and care about others. They always listen on other peoples problem. They have a big heart. A problem is however that pigs are little naive. They cannot understand that others have an different conscience and thereby can fool other people.

Pigs are hard working people that take work seriously. It is easy to trust them and they have high moral values. When a pig have make up his mind, no one can change his opinion. Before they make up their mind they have spent an appreciable time on weighing advantages and disadvantages against each other. They definitely want to avoid complications. Sometimes they therefore misses occasions since it takes to long time to grasp it. Pigs are incurable optimists. The success smiles against them.

In love, it is easy that the pig make used of, if he/she does not wath out. The pig trusts everyone and believes in what people say. Despite this they are intelligent and takes care about themselves. Do not hurt a pig, they can remember this for many years. Although they do not show it, they easily get hurted. They have a hard time to say no, thought they want to.

Pigs always search for ways after to get rid of all their additional energy. They work hard and always try again, although they sometimes loses.

Lovematch - Fits good with: The pig is a first-class choice of spouse. The pig will adore the goats ability to arrange fantastic parties. But will he adore the permanent empty bank account as much? The pig will be spellbind of the monkey, and when they are married the pig will do everything in order to make the monkey happy. And the monkey is not ungrateful. A very successful marriage, especially for the monkey.

The pig does its outermost in order to create a home that the rat returns to with blessing. To his big surprise the rat do not have anything towards this, as variety to aim his nervous energy to the homelife.

Lovematch - Fits quite good with: The generous and beautiful horse woman does not have anything over for the pig's invitations when it comes to a temporary relationship, but it get better in a lasting relationship. The horse has talent with home decoration and the pig praise her practical talent with a lot of tender.

A ox that is married to a pig never risks to miss a meal time, and the slippers always stands in front of him when he comes home. But the oxen may watch out to leave the pig single-handed too long. She has nothing against having some fun, while he is out working.