Chinese horoscope sign - The Ox

The Ox maybe seem to be dull but watch up - they have a hot temper. According to the chinese astrology they are extremely resolute and go on working in all situations. Gradually, step by step they work towards their goal. They keep to routines they are used to. They are honest and good listeners. They can also be extremely stubborn.

As the Ox are easy to trust, they can get an employment with great responsibility. But they have to watch out for not being slaves under their work. They can be strong leaders and good speakers. During crisis and bad times they can be cool and not very disturbed. They are very pride souls. The Ox are systematical and want to keep traditions. They are suspicious in matters they do not understand.

They can easily get wounded in love affairs as they do not understand the signals in other persons love game. It takes a long time to build an intimate relation, but when they have done it they remain loyal unto death.

The Ox are the ideal partners since they do more than their part of the work. They have a good memory and they remember small, important details. If you make an Ox angry it takes long time before he calm down. When they are unhappy or upset they enter deeply into their work, until they feel better. When the Ox loose his temper he loose it totally! When this happen you cannot talk with him, so keep away until it blows off.

The Ox always pay his debts. They always remember a favour which you have done to them, and they will show their appreciation in some way. They might not be very verbal, but their actions say more than words.

It is better to direct towards the mind of the Ox than their heart. They quickly understand the nature and connection of things. The Ox are seldom sick and have a low tolerance for weaker persons. They hate to ask for help. Even if would take twice as long time to do the work alone, they prefer to do it themselves instead to ask for help.

They want the things to last and build them with consideration and quality. The Ox love their family and home and take good care of them. They are no gamblers but can do long investments that are safe. The Ox get success through their own hard work, and do not expect any favours on the road.


Lovematch - Suit well with: Love is something the Ox wish never had been invented. It causes chaos in their peaceful and well-organized life. Therefore there will not be any show with passionate feelings from the Ox, not even when he falls deeply in love. The female Ox could however be less inhibited than the male Ox, and she suits well together with the easy and cosy Rabbit. The female Ox also fall easily for the considerate Dog.

The female Pig, which only has the good intentions, gets the Ox to relax. The lovesick Rat´s wild passion even makes the Ox to let go.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: A lovesick Tiger is something special and she really gets the Ox turned on. But she makes a great fuss of the Ox´s emotional unsecurity and the relation ends in tears. Two Ox in love may sometimes experience love together, but only if someone take the first step. Most likely is that they never progress further than to shake hands.