Chinese horoscope sign - The monkey

Nothing is to difficult for the smart monkey. They cope with the most . They have a huge big charm that attracts others. Monkeys solve difficult problems without hesitating. They are fast in the thought, innovative and believes hard in themselves.

Monkeys like to try new things and is the kind of people that you see jump parachute etc They are intellectual and their memory are fantastic. They can remember trifles that others forget directly. A monkey can easily earn lot of money. They have always hundred ideas and a part of them will be fulfilled.

They dont care about which view other people have about them. They know that they are successful and does not need other people's appreciation. It is difficult to lower a monkey. In general they know when it is time to leave unprofitable or project or hopeless companies. Their timing are excellent. They seldom work without a plan, therefore it is difficult to fool them. They are big strategists and seldom misses a good business.

Monkeys work hard and goal-oriented. The bigger challenge, the more they invest in it. They like to travel but then in first class. Since a monkey often get what he/she wants, they often lose desire for their capture fairly fast. They must learn to complete what they have started and take care about it. People like to show themselves along with the monkey, but the monkey does not trust a lot at them. Instead, they have a small circle of friends that means more for them.

Money is important for a monkey. If the monkey not are rich at the moment he/she probably wil be soon. They know that nothing is permanent. They improvize and sometimes even amazes themselves. They like facts and hate to waist time. Since they do not care about if you like them or not, they become competent diplomats. Watch out so you dont get outmanoeuvred. Monkeys must be careful with their lovelife. They are successful but egoistic and therefore easy loses interest for their partner.

Lovematch - Fits good with: The perfect marriage is between two monkeys. Wise, social and quick-witted they complemente each other complete. Rats are generous and impassioned.

Another good combination is between a monkey man and a rat woman. Neither of them miss an occasion to enjoy the good things of the life, but they have to ensure that the enjoyment does not include another rat or monkey.

Yhe monkey fits good together with the pig. The pig arranges a nice home for them and in bad times they both have big help of the pig's self-esteem and mind for goodwill. Also the dragon fits good together with the monkey. The monkey does everything in order to get the dragon on hold permanentlely at her and not to throw glances on others beautys.

Lovematch - Fits quite good with: The faithful dog is not a good temporary partner for the monkey, but the better spouse. The dog protects the monkey from all kinds' exaggerations and the monkey in turn learns the dog to laugh to herself.

The goat knows clearly what she wants to have out of the marriage - a big family and lots of partying. Also the monkey like to amuse himself and loves his family. Everything will be ok, as long they sometimes amuses themselfes together.