Chinese horoscope sign - The Horse

According to the chinese astrology horses are attractive people. They are warm and kind and like social togetherness with many people around. They are perceptive and like to talk. They have a hight spiritual nature and are changeable. The Horses are hot-tempered and stubborn.

As soon as they fall in love as fast they loose interest. Here today, gone tomorrow is a trademark of the Horse. Then, when you are prepared to never see him again, he will return to take off from where he lastest left you.

The Horses are adventurers in their heart but they have a sharp business mind. They believe in themselves and are very energetic. They like both physical and mental training. Their movements are rapid and graceful, their speech are forced but still refined.

The Horse can easily get aggressive if they do not get what they want. They do not feel any need to own anybody and for that reason they are not either jealous. They value their own freedom in the first place. They are sensitive and they trust in their own feeling for things. If it does not feel right, nothing will be done. They are able to improvise and can handle several things at the same time.

The Horse have difficulties to follow a time-table since they do not have respect for routines. They must be kept busy but do their best when they are free to act. The Horses often have the odd working hours.
The Horses are full of new ideas to solve difficult problems with. When they have an idea they want to carry it out directly. And they are working day and night until they are finished. They want to finish their task as soon as possible since they do not want to waist time. They do not care if you are brutal as long as you dont wast their time. They suffer from insomnia.

Horses must be allowed to show their feelings. They have a hot temper and are impatient which they easily show. In love Horses are vulnerable. They give up everything for their love object. This create problem to them as they are impulsive.

If you have invited a Horse you have to get used to that he will be the central figure on the party. Horses should have a career where are they are surrounded by people. They like to fight their own battles. As they are colourful and lively they get many friends. If they could be on several places at the same time they would be very satisfied. Their souls are rootless and always seeking. The creativity is one of their characteristic quality. They are talented as authors or actors. They have nothing against to restart from the beginning. They keep their resolution and like new success.

Lovematch - Suit well with: Two Horses are a perfect match. They are just sitting and looking deeply at each other while they congratulate themselves for have been born so beautiful.
Vanity plays a part in the romance between the Snake and the Horse too. Bewitched by the beauty of the Snakes the Horses do everything to please the passionated reptile. And she in turn adores him because he is so smart.
The female Dog are more trustful than romantic and they admire the strong characters of the Horse. She will be very keen to do what he want, she even stop criticizing all his small wrong doings. In return the Horse protect the devoted Dog.
The Goats have no sense for routines but, however, a splendid sense of humor. As lovers the Goat and the Horse suit very well together. There is real harmoni. But the Goat should watch out for taking the Horse for granted.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: The Rabbit get on well with good temper and personal care of the Horse. But she should not expect the Horse to follow her routines.

Lovematch - Avoid: The Pig, the Rooster and the Monkey do best to keep away from the Horse when it is a question about love.