Chinese horoscope sign - The Rabbit

According to the chinese astrology the Rabbit is the sign for long life and it possesses the power of the moon. The Rabbit are sensitive for beauty and have talent for artistry. They are graceful and softly speaking. The Rabbits are diplomats and can negotiate peace. They like a quiet, nice evening at home.

The Rabbits have easy to learn and are successful in finances. They often do bargains. Sometimes it seems like they do not care about things, but they are resolute and they know exactly what they want, and they work hard for it.

The Rabbits are reserved, well-mannered and do not use swearwords or speak badly about people. Even if the Rabbit seem to be lazy, that is not the case, instead they are careful. The read all legal text before they write under anything. The rabbits are understanding, careful, warm and nice. They are easy to spend time with.

When other people just wander around, the Rabbit reminds you of the fact that there will be a day tomorrow. Their motto could be "live and live well". The Rabbit could never embarrass you in front others, and they know how to protect you from not to loose your face. They understand your feelings and are popular therefor. The Rabbits are good entertainers and hosts. They have only nice things to say about people around them.

The Rabbits have few enemies and are seldom involved in trouble. Nobody is that understanding like a Rabbit. They give you all the sympathy you need. But remember not to ask them to struggle for you. If it gets too tough for the Rabbit they jump off the train. They cannot stand suffering and destitution. The Rabbits are experts to leave difficulties to others. When they are threatened they may get unpredictable. If you press them too hard they can simply end the relation with you.

Whatever happens they always get on their feet again. They easily avoid obstacles in their way. The Rabbit have trust in themselfes and are peaceful.

Lovematch - Suit well with: The perfect partner for the Rabbit is the experienced Dragon. They can stand the erratic style of the Rabbit to have chance to be close to so much soft beauty. But of course there is a limit to what they can endure.

The female rabbit might attract the ox, which get fascinated of her mild, warm manner. She is attracted by his complicated way and believes she could wake up something deep within him.
The Dogs, that do everything to please the Rabbit, are always welcome to their den. They are not any threat and they do not make any demands upon her. The Pig can be a good romantic partner for the Rabbit and the same is for the humorous Monkey,

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: The flirty Goat look at the Rabbit as his soulmate, and as long as there is some excitement they can stand out with the Goats slowly speed.