Chinese horoscope sign - The Goat

The Goats are the good Samaritans of the Chinese zodiac. They are understanding and caring about other people's problem.

The Goat cannot cope with too much discipline. They do not work well
under stress and must be allowed to work in their own speed. In spite of this they need someone who keeps them in good order and tell them what to do. They always find someone who take care of and worry about them. They are quick to take offence when criticizing them.

The Goats are lucky. They often inherit something. Even in the most difficult times they get all their basic needs met. They have a passive persistence that drive others mad. They will always win over you by waiting for you to leave.

The Goat never plainly says what problem they have. You have to pull it out from them, word by word. And if you do not succeed you have to telling-off, that will impress them and they start to talk. The Goats are familiar by nature. They never forget a birthday, so do remember to congratulate them on their birthday. They worry at lot. They need support and help from others and to cheer up. The Goats need to hear that everything will be fine.

The Goat easily spend too much money, so they should avoid to have too much cash. They are not practical and would preferably live their life in luxury. Ugly things make the Goat depressed. They hate to do someone sad, specially someone they love. They rather go around difficult task than face them or having a standpoint for a question. Difficulties are delicate problems to discuss with a Goat. They are too sensitive and over-react easily. You have to console them often.

Romance is a part of the Goats life. Moonlight and roses, soft music and candles make them shine. They sometimes see the whole world through a pair of pink glasses. The Goats usually don't have to work very hard. Good things simply happens to them naturally. With bright and airy surroundings they can go far in creative jobs. Appreciation makes the Goat shine as a small child, and with right support he can go far in life.

Lovematch - Suits well with: If the Goat look for a lasting marriage, they wisely should choose the Horse. Another good partner is still cultivated and social Rabbit. Both the Rabbit and the Goat loves children and a nice home.
A Goat who marries a Pig does not have to worry about the home. The Pig starts to furnish and decorate the home, and it will look exactly like the Goat want it to.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: The Monkey and the Goat may succeed together, the only thing is that they have so different opinion in most issues. A marriage between two Goats work fine, as long as there is peace and
joy. But when there is problems none of them wants continue the relationship. Both take the day as it comes and never make plans for tomorrow.
A female Goat can marry an Ox - when all comes out he is strong and resolute. Both like children and private gardens where they silent and still can rest during hot summer days. But the Ox is too boring to fit in the party life of the Goat.

Lovematch - Avoid: The Goat should avoid the Dog who is too pessimistic, something that add fuel to the own deeply rooted insecurity of the Goat.