Chinese horoscope sign - The Dragon

The Dragons are full of vitality and life according to the chinese astrology. They are always on the road, together with their group of faithful admirers. The Dragons are egoist, self-centred, demanding but also rewarding.

The Dragons are proud, direct with high ideals which they always try to live after. They try to live their life magnificently. When the Dragons do something, good or bad, you can be sure that it does not remain unobserved. The Dragons create news.

It is almost impossible to win an argue against the Dragon. They destroy everybody who challange them. If you woke the anger of a dragons he will chase you for many years.

The Dragons are very loyal to their friends and family. When they need help from the Dragons they will have it. They are not sentimental or romantic - they take it for granted that everybody loves them. It is hard for them to hide their feeling and they don´t even try to do it.

The Dragon are not very concealed so do not expect that they keep a secret. The Dragons usually speak their heart out and are always sincere. People can get the notion they are brusque and direct, but they simply want to get things done.The Dragons need a meaning in life, something to fight for, an aim to reach. A Dragon without an aim is a sad sight!

The Dragons think they are strong. They undertake more than they can handle. When this happens they are too proud to ask for help and they will drive themselves to the edge. The Dragons can do many things well. They can be artists, politicians and doctors. When the Dragon choose the right career they will be successful. They can not help that they are the winners.

In love the Dragons seldom are loosers but more often they break others heart. The Dragon do not get married young and are mostly satisfied with life as singel. The Dragons will have many admirers and friends which can keep them company. But the Dragons are really soft which can break them down if they loose admirers.

Lovematch - Suit well with: The Dragons are an excellent and better half for the tenderhearted Rat which who will do everything the Dragon ask her to.

The peaceful Rabbit complete the Dragon as well.

The honest and upright Rooster are master of handle the Dragon, and with a little taking and giving from both sides can they reach harmony. The clever and cunning Ape give a good base for the Dragon to stand on. Both are amibitious and will help each other.

Lovematch - Suit rather well with: It is very rare that two Dragons fall in love with each other but if it happens, it would be someting quite extra.

Lovematch - Avoid: The Ox and the Dragon will struggle in orde to be a leading part both at home and away. Both are born to the leader but do not understand eachother at all. These both respectful animals can tear eachother to pieces.