Chinese horoscope sign - The dog

According to the chinese astrology dogs are honest, outgoing and kind. They are extremely protecting against their loved and themselves. They have a passion for clean play and honesty. A dog can do a mistake - but he is not resting until he had corrected the mistake. They are genuine human and wants to the save the world.

Status do not impress a dog. They have sharp eyes for people and can see through a person who tries to impress. They do not like if people interfere in their private things. If you win their trust you will have a good friend for ever. A dog always lines up for a friend - in difficulties and happiness.

A dog usually has classified you in a category, and he seldom changes this view, that’s because a dog see things either in black or white. Either you are a friend, if not you are a enemy. But fortunately they are good at assessing people.

The dog works a lot and he works hard. But he also know how to get time over for family and friends. Dogs like to play and amuse themselves and others. Avoid to hurt them or to speak poorly about them, because they can easily get hurt. As fast they have become sorry they become happy again. Dogs are intelligent and well-balanced individuals. With their stable life sights, they will become good legal advisers or psychologists. You can easily entrust them a secret - they are persons that know how to keep it.
Dogs have high morals views. Home and family becomes the most important thing in a dog's life.

Lovematch - Fits good with: To get the most out of marriage, the dog needs a partner that could stand out with his pessimism and doubt. The person must be ready to share the dog's idealism. The lively tiger is the one that best can manage all the dog's difficult sides. The tiger can cheer up the dog when he is down and can also take part in the dogs fights..

The honest and cheerful pig is a good partner for the dog. Although the pig perhaps not allways share the dog's worries and gloomy thoughts, she will always have some good food in the fridge.
The light-hearted horse can calm down the dogs worries with charm and kind skill. And perhaps improve the dogs bad self-confidence.

Also the loving hare can cope with the dog. The dog finds its surprising that he can relax in front of the fireplace. This is a really happy relationship.

Lovematch - Fits quite good with: A marriage between two dogs has big opportunity to succeed, special if they have children that make them forget own worries. They relationship are the strongest when there is work to perform, and they must ensure not to criticize each other.