Astrology, numerology - Number Five

Direction: To learn to seek freedom
Prospects: To communicate and make changes
Keyword: Communicator. Freedom-seeker. Multifaceted. Adaptable. Sexual. Quick-witted. Analytic. Progressive. Postpone things. Amusements. Changeable.

Positive for this sign: The Fives need freedom and react immediately if they feel manipulated. Typical for the Fives is that they like changes, progressing and everything that is new. The Fives adapt immediately to new circumstances. The have many talents and want to use their multifaceted side. Five is the number of senses and these people radiate an unconscious sexual attraction. They have a vivid and youthful attitude to life. The Fives like competition and can work well under stress. They have no real team spirit but they hide that from the world around. The Fives are popular among both men and women and are able to communicate with all kind of people. They are excellent salesmen. They are always looking for a more speedy way to execute things. Since they love traveling they have no problem to live in a suitcase. As they are curious about others they want to be involved in everything. They are smart and analytic, and make an opinion of other people quickly, but they have no problem to accept other people. They want to succeed and dislike failures, they have difficulties in receiving help from other. Their good spirits may motivate others,

Negative for this sign: The Fives enjoy pleasure and are lacking patience. If they get out the balance they may get stuck in a lifestyle with sex, alcohol, drugs, and they can take too many big risks. Regarding career they are floating around - if they do not get engaged in a career or in a project, emotionally or intellectually, then they can let it go.

The Fives natural sexuality and the avant-gard attitude, show the actor Marlon Brando and the singer Mick Jagger example of. The tennis player André Agassi and balett dancer Rudolf Nurejev are other examples. The darker side of the Five is Adolf Hitler example of.

Love match - Suit well with: The Threes and the Fives usually get attracted to each other on a early stage. Both are romantic which leads to a strong and long lasting passion. The relationship that can have a good start may end in marriage. Many times they have mutual interests as music, culture and history which lead the partners closer to each other. The only negative thing can be that the Three can have a relation before where the feelings are really not yet gone. But if the Threes can work on this problem it vanish soon.

Two Fives can be a very good combination but it requires that the partners are mature and ready for a solid relation. Otherwise there is a great risk the relation holds together only by sex, and that there is no friendship left when the passion has cooled down. The Five is interested in religion and mysticism. If they both share these interests the relation can get strong.

Love match - Suit rather well with: A relation between the Five and the Nine often developes well. Sometimes the Five and the Nine share an uncertain past, but they have become strong characters during the years and know what they want. The best thing is if they meet later in the life.

Love match - Avoid: The Four and the Five together will mostly have a fleeting relation.